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The Battle for The Blue Nile

GERD and the Nile River

The Battle for The Blue Nile

- Eyob Getahun

About Book Author

Eyob Getahun

Eyob Getahun is passionate about promoting good change in the ongoing dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan. Eyob, an Ethiopian native, has made a name for himself through excellence and a strong dedication to helping others. He has developed a distinctive combination of healthcare and public policy knowledge, thanks to him earning expertise in both PharmD and MPH.

As a former US Army soldier, Eyob has proven to have unshakeable discipline, toughness, and a strong sense of responsibility. Due to his in-depth comprehension of the intricate relationships between the Nile River and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), creative solutions have been developed to promote collaboration and synergy among Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan….

The Battle for The Blue Nile

About the Book

“The Battle for The Blue Nile” by Eyob Getahun provides a reflective insight into the contentious issue surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and its significance in the ongoing Nile River dispute involving Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan. Through an astute analysis of the region’s history and politics, Getahun sheds light on the motivations behind Ethiopia’s construction of the GERD dam. It convincingly argues that the primary purpose of the GERD dam is not to harm Egypt or Sudan but rather to address Ethiopia’s longstanding electricity shortage and uplift the lives of its citizens. Situated on the Blue Nile, which originated within Ethiopia before merging with the White Nile in Sudan, the dam harnesses the river’s potential to generate much-needed power.

By delving into a comprehensive understanding of the Nile River dispute and the pivotal role of the GERD dam, Getahun offers a balanced perspective. He acknowledges the concerns and fears of Egypt and Sudan regarding the dam’s impact on their water supply while proposing viable solutions to ensure fair and sustainable utilization of the Nile’s resources….


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